Buying Guide


These are standard beds, usually including a matching mattress, with a range of customisable drawer options as well as size, height and headboard options. This is why there are generally Britain’s most popular beds. You can usually choose between no drawers, 2 and 4 drawers and a “footend” large drawer. This is also usually the cheapest option available for a “proper” bed.


These are beds that lift up to reveal large storage spaces underneath. Great if storage is an issue.

Metal Beds

Look great, long-lasting, usually without storage and so easy to clean underneath! Usually sold without mattress.

Solid Wood Beds

These just look great, normally the most expensive type of bed but you can see the quality. Usually sold without mattress.

Sofa Beds

These are, well, what they say they are! Usually for temporary use as beds only, they maximise the use of space.


Growing massively in popularity, these are an all-in-one area for your kids to play and grow up in. Some have lots of storage, some have desks, these make the most of a small area and give your child their own “space”.


These are all variations on a theme – saving space until you need that extra bed for visitors. Often single beds that can convert into doubles or sofa beds with a double extension. These are generally not “sprung” beds so are only intended for short-term use.


In the UK this is usually just seen on sofa beds or daybeds, not intended as a permanent bed. That said technology is improving all the while and excellent quality foam alternatives to sprung beds are already available on the market.

Bonnell Sprung

These are the “traditional” mattress, with interlinked metal coils. Good value and have stood the test of being around for 200 years or so. There is more roll-together with these type of mattresses than their more expensive relations:

Pocket Sprung

These have individual springs (the bed description will normally reference how many) so roll-together is reduced. Also generally “firmer” mattresses.

Memory Foam

many mattresses now come with memory foam additions to them (at added cost, of course!). This provides a softer, more moulded feel to the mattress. Some people love it, some (usually those who get too hot in to speak) don’t. The bottom line! There are really only 2 factors in choosing a mattress – in principle, the more you pay, the better the mattress. HOWEVER, and it is a big however, everyone is different in what they feel comfortable on. Some love soft mattresses, other love firm ones.